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Once upon a time….

Buying my first crypto was really exciting! 

One minute I knew nothing about ‘Cryptocurrencies‘ and ‘Block-chain’ and the next I was reading everything I could! 
I had heard all the stories about people going from zero to millionaires having bought Bitcoin years ago and I was like Mnah!
So I filed them in my brain bin alongside lottery winners and metal detectorist stories. I genuinely thought Bitcoin was for criminals.

But then something strange happened, my very ordinary friend came round and whilst we were having a cuppa he showed me on his phone that he had bought some crypto coins and how their value had gone up.
I was intrigued because he had only spent a couple of quid (which happens to be about my budget for anything that sounds a bit like gambling). As soon as he left I dived onto my phone to find out more. I started on factual websites but the explanations were so dry and complicated my eyeballs were literally drying out just reading them.
I’m a very busy person, I don’t have time for all this bulls**t ” please, someone just tell me what crypto is and how do I do it?”!!! 
So I fell for all the clickbait titles from bloggers and YouTubers cos I didn’t know any better. The language they all used was honestly like a cross between Wall Street and Star Trek. Crypto was this strange love-child of stockbrokers and sci-fi nerds.

However, there was something about it that just hooked me in!

It looked like a gamble, sounded like a gamble, and smelt like a gamble. In my opinion, it is a gamble. This was not a place for my life savings or my kid’s college fund.

For me, crypto investment was at the level of ” the money you might find down the back of your sofa”. I started from the premise that any money I used to get crypto was already gone forever. 

I now have long and short term investments, regularly join staking pools, have woken at 2 in the morning to check the markets etc but stick by that principle. Only invest what you can afford to lose.
There are winners and losers with crypto ….one doesn’t exist without the other and as a little fish small-time investor, you can lose money hand over fist if you have not taken some time to understand what it is all about. 

That’s where Crypto Savvy Life can help…

Sarah Alden

About Sarah

Crypto is at such an exciting point in its development that it is hard not to be enthusiastic about what it has to offer. But the fact that it is still so unnecessarily complicated to use and understand drives me bonkers.

I’m learning new stuff about crypto every day, and having wrapped my non-tech brain around it I am doing my best to “leave a trail of breadcrumbs” through the articles on for those of you on a similar journey to financial freedom.

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About Rob

Having been inspired by the FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) we left the rat race 8 years ago to pursue a different way of life. That has given us the freedom and the time to enjoy other passions, such as Crypto. We now own three seasonal holiday accommodations units in France and have multiple websites. The latest,, started as a means of helping friends and family.

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