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Crypto Trading Calculator

Do the Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit points that I am planning, actually give me the Profit at a Risk / Reward ratio I am happy with?! Our experience in crypto led us … Read More

Crypto Recording Sheets

Our experience in crypto led us to develop our own crypto recording sheets, which we fill in by hand, make back-up copies, and store in folders.  Some people use notebooks to record all their sensitive … Read More

Ultimate Moving Average Indicator

TradingView tip for getting 4 – in – 1! DON’T be limited by the 3 indicators available with the FREE version of TradingView. The Ultimate Moving Average Indicator lets you choose up to FOUR (!) … Read More

Hardware wallet breaks! Dont Panic!

Don’t Panic. If your hardware wallet breaks your Crypto assets are still protected. By using your Seed Phrase you can still recover access to all of your coins. Here are some best practice steps to … Read More