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Theta Network provides a decentralized infrastructure that enables existing video and media platforms to increase income and reduce content delivery costs while rewarding end-users for sharing their storage and/or bandwidth on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device. 






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Theta Ecosystem

A large (80%!) amount of the total internet bandwidth is taken up by video streaming. The storage and processing of all this content, particularly live streaming, becomes expensive and slow when centralized.

As new and ever more demanding entertainment applications and platforms are created the existing set-up will need to evolve.

The Theta Network has developed a blockchain and decentralized storage/delivery infrastructure for the next generation of video streaming and media entertainment platforms.

Rather than broadcasting videos from a centralized server, Theta uses a worldwide network of nodes to relay video content to users. This makes it cheaper for content delivery and allows high-quality streaming with minimum buffering.

Theta Network is a “dual network” consisting of two complementary subsystems, the Theta Blockchain, and the Theta Edge Network. The Theta blockchain provides payment, reward, and smart contract capabilities, while the edge network is responsible for the storage and delivery of media assets like images and videos.

Video content currently centers around Esports and Gaming Streaming but is expanding rapidly all the time.

  • Livepeer: A decentralized video streaming platform that enables video transcoding and distribution through a network of nodes. See our Listing
  • Akamai: A traditional centralized CDN that delivers online content to end-users globally.
  • Streamlabs: A live streaming software that provides tools for streamers to monetize their content and engage with their audience.
  • DLive: A blockchain-based live streaming platform that rewards content creators and viewers with cryptocurrency.
  • BitTube: A decentralized video platform that rewards content creators and viewers with cryptocurrency.
  • LBRY: A decentralized content distribution network that allows creators to publish and monetize their content without intermediaries.
  • PeerTube: A federated video platform that uses peer-to-peer technology to distribute video content.

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Earning Potential Options
Online Activity
Earning Potential Explained

Theta TV : Watch videos and Livestreams on Theta TV and earn TFUEL

Theta Edge Node : become an edge node sharing videos and earning TFUEL

THETA Direct Staking: requires 1000 – 10,000 THETA tokens held in a THETA Wallet. If you have sufficient computer specs you can become a node or otherwise choose to delegate your Staked THETA tokens to a Guardian node that already exists.

THETA Indirect staking: You can stake THETA through centralised exchanges including Binance, Bitrue and OKX.

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Jieyi Long
Co-founder CTO
Previous Experience
Co-founder and CTO

Co-founder of MadSkill Game Studios

R&D Engineer

Senior Member of Technical Staff


Mitch Liu
Co-founder CEO
Previous Experience

Co-founder of Gameview Studios (acquired by DeNA) and Tapjoy (acquired by ironSource)

Wes Levitt
Head of Strategy
Previous Experience
Chief Financial Officer


Senior Investment Associate


University of California, Berkeley
Jerry Kowall
Head Of Content & NFTs
Previous Experience
Managing Director

Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder
BitMovio – a gamified video streaming marketplace focused on Millennials and Gen Z, and built on blockchain tech.


Business Consultant

Judy Cen
Head of Finance
Previous Experience
Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant

Senior Accountant


Andrea Berry
Head Of Business Development
Previous Experience
Co-Founder & Advisor

Strategic Accounts & Partnerships

Director, Strategic Accounts

Director of Global Engagement

Kyle Laffey
Head Of Partnerships
Previous Experience
Esports & Gaming Brand Sponsorship Consultant

reative Director

Gaming Celebrity, Influencer, & Content Creator

Owen Ching
Head of Cloud Operations & IT
Previous Experience
Head of Cloud Operations & IT

Senior Manager

Director of Engineering

Senior Director Of Engineering


Investors / Partners


  • Sierra Adventures
  • The Venture Reality Fund
  • DHVC
  • dcm
  • Greycroft
  • Samsung NEXT
  • CAA
  • Sparkland
  • BDMI
  • GFR Fund
  • SONY
  • ZP Capital
  • Heuristic Capital
  • Colopl next
  • GREE
  • gumi
  • Green Pine Inovation
  • Nirvana Capital
  • Seraph
  • Aelf
  • Synapse Capital
  • ZMT

Similar Projects

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References / FAQ’s

What is the purpose of Theta Token?

Theta Token (THETA) is the native cryptocurrency of the Theta Network, used for payment of transaction fees, staking, and as a reward for participating in the network.

How does Theta Network work?

Theta Network uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism to secure the network, and nodes that contribute bandwidth and computing resources are rewarded with THETA tokens.

What are the benefits of using Theta Network?

Theta Network offers several benefits, including improved video delivery quality, reduced costs, decentralized content distribution, and a fair reward system for content creators and node operators.

How can I participate in Theta Network?

Users can participate in Theta Network in several ways, including running a node to provide bandwidth and computing resources, staking THETA tokens to earn rewards, and using the network to stream and share video content.

What types of video content can be shared on Theta Network?

Theta Network can be used to share and stream various types of video content, including live events, movies, TV shows, esports, and user-generated content.

What is Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is another cryptocurrency used on Theta Network as a gas fee for on-chain transactions, such as smart contract interactions and payments. It can also be earned as a reward for participating in the network.

Where can I buy and trade THETA and TFUEL?

THETA and TFUEL can be purchased and traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Huobi, and Kraken.