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Storj is a decentralized data storage project. They encrypt the files before splitting them amongst nodes all around the world offering high security, privacy, fast delivery, resilience against hardware failure, and a much cheaper alternative to conventional cloud storage.







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Storj - How it Works Capture 1
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A significant portion of the data accessed through the internet is concentrated in data centers held by a small number of technology firms e.g. Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Microsoft, etc.
These centralized data centers face some problems:

  • Privacy – Data that is stored in a standard format
  • Security – data breaches (hackers stealing information),
  • Downtime – the buildings sometimes not working properly,
  • Costs –  costs of running them (cooling, maintenance, upgrades, etc).
  • Scale – Difficult, expensive and lengthy to rapidly increase the available storage.

Storj brings all the benefits of an open-source, decentralized, peer-to-peer network to data storage. It was created with the simple idea of putting unused resources to work for the purpose of making storage safer, faster, and more affordable.

  • Security / Privacy- Every file is encrypted (inc metadata), split into 80+ smaller pieces, and distributed on a global network of nodes (over 16,000), making data breaches and downtime a thing of the past.
  • Performance – They offer lightning-fast performance that traditional cloud storage simply can’t match. By using a decentralized, global network they can deliver the data from the nearest nodes rather than it having to come from centralized data stores.
  • Price – With no costly data centers to operate, they can pass those savings your way at up to 90% less than traditional cloud storage.

By offering payment in its token, Storj incentivizes those worldwide with unused computer storage and internet access to become a ‘node’ and make it available for use by the Storj network.

There are a number of cryptocurrency/blockchain-based competitors (see similar companies):

  • Filecoin
  • SiaCoin
  • Internet Computer Protocol

but the main market leaders are the large technology companies:

  • AWS
  • Alphabet (Google)
  • Microsoft

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STORJ Token is an ERC-20 utility token, used as an exchange of value in the Storj ecosystem. Storj Token is used to send and receive payments worldwide for minimal costs and no currency conversion fees. It also makes a simple payment solution for customers.

It has a total of 425 million tokens.


Earning Potential Options
Mining/Running Node
Earning Potential Explained

Become a node operator.
Power the decentralized cloud and get paid for your unused disk space and bandwidth.

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Ben Golub
Executive Chairman and CEO
Previous Experience

Venture Advisor
Mayfield Fund

Minio, Inc.


Quilt Data, Inc.

Docker, Inc

President and CEO


President and CEO

CMO, SVP of Marketing and Government Affairs

Katherine Johnson
Chief Legal and People Officer, Head of Compliance
Previous Experience

General Counsel, VP Compliance and HR @ Storj Labs

Director Of Compliance Regulation @ Coinbase

Manager @ EY

Counsel @ Credit Suisse

Attorney @ Law Offices of Katherine D. Johnson

Axiom Attorney @ JPMorgan Chase

Axiom Attorney @ BNY Mellon

Associate @ Vedder Price P.C.

Shawn Wilkinson
Founder and CSO
Previous Experience

Founder CEO/CTO @ Storj Labs Inc. – 9 years


Dominick Marino
Senior Solutions Architect
Previous Experience

Principal Solutions Consultant @ OpenText

Director Information Technology @ ArborMetrix, Inc.

Systems Administrator @ ArborMetrix, Inc.

Systems Administrator @ Michigan Heart, P.C.

John Gleeson
Chief Operating Officer
Previous Experience

VP Operations @Storj Labs

Customer Success Director @ Storj Labs

Technical Marketing @ Covisint, an OpenText Company

Collaboration Program Director @ 1976

Director of Technology @ C4 Communication Pty Ltd

Director of Technology @ Clear!Blue

Associate Attorney @ Dawda, Mann, Mulcahy & Sadler, PLC

Prerna Parashar
Senior Data Engineer
Previous Experience

Data Engineer
University of Cincinnati

Data Engineer
Atos Syntel

Senior Software Developer
NIIT Technologies Limited

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Investors / Partners

  • George Burke
  • Gabriel Jarrosson
  • Tank Stream Ventures
  • Rui Rodrigues
  • BnkToTheFuture
  • State of Utah
  • Iterative Capital Management
  • TechSquare Labs
  • Allen Nance, Paul Judge
  • Tyler Scriven
  • GVA Capital

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What is Storj used for?

Storj is a crypto token that is used as payment within a platform that offers enterprise-level decentralized storage.
By offering payment in its token, Storj incentivizes those around the world that have unused,  excess computer storage and internet access to become a ‘node’ and make it available for use by the Storj network, competing against the massive data centers held by a few multi-nationals.