Crypto Savvy Life

Practical knowledge, guides, and tips


The Crypto world can be broken down into a few key areas. They are all linked by the use of blockchain technology but have their own knowledge base requirements:

Crypto Basics

Discover the Basics

Key Topics to get you started. We have collected the information we wish we had known when we first got started!


Storing Crypto

There are many ways to store crypto but they are all wallet variations. We explain which ones to use and why.


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Buying / Selling

The crypto world changes fast so being able to react quickly is important. We explain which exchanges we use and why.


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Tradable Digital Assets

Trading in digital assets is not new but the use of NFT’s is exploding. We explain what they are and how to buy, sell and create them!


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Decentralized Finance

Disruption of the traditional financial markets with the introduction of cutting-edge financial products.