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Ultimate Moving Average Indicator

TradingView tip for getting 4 – in – 1!

DON’T be limited by the 3 indicators available with the FREE version of TradingView.

The Ultimate Moving Average Indicator lets you choose up to FOUR (!) custom lines on your chart but only uses ONE indicator!

What is the Ultimate Moving Average Indicator?

Moving Average Ribbon

Indicators > Technicals > Search


Moving Average Ribbon is an indicator that displays up to four Moving Averages on your chart. Moving averages of varying lengths can be used to compare long-term and short-term trends and attempt to predict possible chart movements based on its past performance.
(Source: TradingView)

Why use the Ribbon Moving Average Indicator?

When you use the Free version of the very popular trading software TradingView then you are limited to using only three indicators at a time.

Given that most of the “learn to trade” channels suggest that you should always be looking at an RSI (Relative Strength Indicator) as well as the Volume then you are quickly limited by only having a single further indicator.

Now we fully believe in the value that TradingView offers and think it is one of the first subscriptions you should get when you are successful. When starting, however, this indicator lets you customize up to 4 moving average lines on your chart within 1 indicator!

How to find the Moving Average Ribbon Indicator?

1. In the top bar of your chart click on the word ‘Indicators’ or on its Icon

This will bring up a list of all the available indicators.

2. Click in the Search Box at the top of the screen. type “Moving Average Ribbon”

3. Within the list Click on the top Moving Average Ribbon title. This will add that indicator (4 moving average lines) to your chart.

You can also click on the star to add the Moving Average Ribbon indicator to your favorites.

This will make the star yellow showing it is in favorites.

4. On your chart you will now have four moving average lines.

5. You can edit the Moving Average indicator settings by clicking on the Format Cog in the indicators’ Title text.

Ensure you have Indicator > Titles turned On (Chart Settings Cog at top of TradingView)
(You can see the Title on the above image: MA Ribbon SMA Close 20 SMA close…….)

When you hover over the title you get to see the standard options for that indicator. Click on the Format Settings Cog.

6. This will bring up a settings tab where you can choose between the various options.

Under the Inputs tab you can not only choose which type of Moving Average to display but you can also turn off lines you don’t need and adjust time settings.

Under the Style tab, you can change line colors and style.

Finally, under the Visibility tab, you can change on which charts the lines will appear.

7. The best part is you can then SAVE all your customized settings as the default!

Click on the ‘Defaults’ button bottom left of the Settings panel, having customized your moving average lines, and then click on the ‘Save as default’.

Now, even if you close this Indicator, when you next use it, your default settings will be applied.